To Those Who Don’t Know What Comes Next

I always had a plan.
First, it was college. And internships. Volunteer opportunities. Networking. Then a postgraduate degree. And then my first real job.
There was always a plan. Whenever someone asked, “what’s next?” I had an answer.
Until I didn’t.
I was destination obsessed because that was something to focus on and believe that when I finished this, this, and that — I would be where I wanted to be in life.
Oh, how heavily that’s weighed on me this last year. Nothing went according to my plan. I worked my tail off for five years … and it all seemed like it went for naught.
Okay, you did all of that. You accomplished all of these things … now what?
What’s next?
What’s the next move?
I have no idea what comes next and that is downright terrifying.
I rushed through all of those plans — or goals — and didn’t take the time to celebrate my victories. Looking back on all that I’ve accomplished, the person that I’ve become, the relationships that I’ve made … it’s truly something that I should be immensely proud of.
Taking the time to celebrate our wins, no matter how big or small, that’s not really something we’re taught or even encouraged to do.
I’m here to tell you to take the time and celebrate the fact that through it all (depression, heartbreak, etc.) celebrate the fact that you got up and kept going. When you’re so fully-focused on the future, the present passes you by.
It’s easy to get stuck in the human judgment that is what comes next. But please, take some time to heal and reflect on everything you’ve been through, especially the wins, and recognize just how much you’ve grown.
Celebrate that you got up and met your best friend for coffee.
Celebrate that you got out of bed.
Celebrate that you passed that really tough class.
Celebrate that you took a risk and told someone how you really feel about them.
Celebrate everything.
Wins and losses.
It’s okay to not have a plan.
It’s okay to not have your next move planned out.
After all, some of the best moments we’ll ever have will hit us when we’re least expecting them.

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