Last First Day

As I woke up this morning, I was so excited for my last first day of class…ever.  Then it hit me.  Wait, last first day of class forever.  What does that mean? What will I do with all of my free time? What is coming next for me?  To piggyback off of Kasey’s last post, I have always had a plan too.  I immediately started looking at what my options are for more schooling (as if I cannot live without school or something, ha!).  First of all, looking at schooling options is overwhelming and I decided I had not even had caffeine yet so I dragged my anxious butt to the kitchen to make coffee.
As I was standing there, I was reminiscing in my head about all of my “first days.”  My childhood memories are so gray in my mind.  I must have had some adverse childhood experiences or maybe I just have a really crappy memory.  In any case, there is a lot of really great first days that I do remember.  My first day of high school.  My first day of work.  My first day of college (terrifying).  My first day finding out I was pregnant.  My first day of being a mom. My first day being a homeowner!
The first day of anything can bring a lot of emotions and as I woke up today and realized I was genuinely sad it was my last first day, I realized that although in school it might be my last…my future holds so many firsts still.  A first day at a new job, a first day of being a fiancé and then a wife,  a first day of being a mom to multiple kids. A first day being a grandma (hopefully lifetimes away).  But you get it.  We all have so many first days that we haven’t even reached yet.  When I realized that, I was able to sit back and just be happy and content that today is my last first day of school.  Like Kasey mentioned, so many of us don’t take the time to celebrate our accomplishments and victories.  It is so important to do so and to give ourselves that time to reflect on the hard work we have all accomplished.
So I hope you read this and smile…thinking about all of your first days from the past and look forward to all the great firsts still to come.

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Chelsie Preciado

27 years old. Master of Science in Mental Health & Wellness with an Emphasis on Grief and Bereavement.

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